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MBA at Monti International Institute of management studies is an experience unlike any other. Students work with their future advisers, mentors and business partners, who are their current Monti International Institute of management studies professors and classmates. Students grow in an ambitious, entrepreneurial and collaborative environment that helps them to get their business ideas rolling, or helps them to earn that promotion.

KMAT 2018

KMAT - Kerala Entrance Examination on 04-02-2018

KMAT 2018
Monti International Institute of Management Studies (MIIMS) is exclusively set apart for the management Course. MIIM strives to be an embodiment of excellence by effectively providing students high standards of education and rigorous training. Our focus is to build up the next generation with core values and professionalism. Faith in God and authenticity of heart will be the hallmark of every success in life and profession.
Our mission is to prepare the young managers professionally competent to face various challenges in the global business environment by offering practical, innovative and technology-driven programs. We provide the students ample scope for the all round development of the personality and to promote positive change and social justice for the betterment of humankind.

Amaze, Inspire, Achieve.

MIIMS’ motto is- Amaze. Inspire. Achieve. Dynamic expertise inspires the students with exuberance and prepares them to achieve the desired goals in their personal as well as professional life.
MIIMS’ focuses on the students who can materialize as great executives of corporate houses. The goal is to produce Executives who can emerge as well-known industrialists, intelligent and competent Administrators and distinctive leader- managers The goal of the institute is further prolonged to include the developmental perspectives of the students by means of multiplicity of programmes and exercises to assist and develop the logical capability, aptitude to take rapid and valuable managerial decisions, capacity to judge the decisions promptly and properly, ability to comprehend their talents and budge upon a meaningful feat for sustained development of the self and the social order.




The Human Resource Management concentration emphasizes concept and application, focusing on long-term goals and managing individuals



The program is intended to support students who wish to pursue a professional career in the area of finance.



A Master of Business Administration in Marketing Management program lets students develop skills to run the marketing branch of a business.


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